We are making healthy convenient. We are so glad that you are here!

Are there any substitutions for seafood on the menu? 

Absolutely!  Any time that pork, red meat or seafood are offered, you may always substitute chicken.

Where do you get the nutritional info for your recipes?

We utilize USDA food composition data base, ndb.nal.usda.gov nutritional website, nutrition.gov as well as nutriondata.self.com

What if I am not available during your delivery time?

First option is to leave a cooler and ice packs out if you expect to be home within a couple of hours of delivery. Next option, if an outside refrigerator is available, we are trusted with garage codes by many clients and are happy to leave your meals in your refrigerator. We could  deliver to your office.  Finally, if none of these options will work for you, contact us to set up  alternative delivery.  We want to make this easy & convenient for you.

Is this a weight loss meal plan?

Weight loss has been an exciting benefit to many of our clients who consistently choose our standard lunch and dinner items while making wise breakfast and snack choices.  The meals are designed to provide a 3 1/2 - 4oz serving of protein, 1/2 cup of a grain or starch and a cup or more of filling veggies.  This way of eating is more of a sustainable lifestyle than a diet.  Clean, unprocessed, whole food served in moderate portions has many proven long-term health benefits.  Weight loss is a benefit, but not our main goal.  Our main goal is to make healthy convenient for everyone.

What if this is not enough food for me?

We get it, each body has its own preference of the amount of fuel required to run at optimum health.  Higher protein servings are available for only a $2.00 upcharge. These meals average 7-8 oz of protein, a larger portion of grain or starch as well as veggies.

How do I reheat my meal? 

The microwave is convenient.  We recommend a few sprinkles of water over your food, replace lid and heat for 1 min. (   All microwaves are different, so test food warmth often as to not dry out.