New Summer Menu Items!!

School & Corporate Organic Lunchbox Delivery.......

Home & Office Delivery

Our Monday Lunch-Wed Lunch meal plan meals are delivered on Monday morning and Wednesday dinner through Friday dinner is delivered Wednesday morning.  We will establish a delivery window based on your address.  Please leave a cooler and ice pack.  Delivery times are flexible.  We want you to enjoy your healthy meals;)

Currently we deliver in Tallahassee as far North as Golden Eagle, as far West as Capital Circle and east to Apalachee Parkway

How School Delivery Works

If you are school representative interested in adding an organic lunch option for your students, we would love to talk with you.  Our program is simple.  Parent selects lunch options for the week or month on the order form provided to the school or through our website    Once the school submits the orders on the predetermined day, you will go into our delivery rotation and begin to receive prepackage organic lunches daily.  There is no cost to the school.  We also have a successful fundraising menu that we would be happy to discuss with you as well..  Parents are beginning to expect healthier lunch options from their schools.  We want to help you be on the forefront of this inevitable change.  Please contact us for further information.